Prohibition Makes Everything Worse.

Dozens of beer cans, 2 water bottles and 1 Gatorade bottle.

We live in a rural looking area directly next to several good-sized towns. Our roads don’t connect to much that is useful. They are scenic. This makes my area a good spot to go “for a ride”.


Ever since we moved here around six years ago (and I’m sure for a long time before), our stretch of road has had a unique “flavor”. For example: at all times of the day or night, cars will stop right in front of our house for a minute or so and drive off. The vast majority of the traffic is blowing smoke (if you know what I mean). I don’t have a problem with that.

I don’t feel that smoking pot is much, if any impairment and I don’t think these people are a bother to anyone. My point is this: Consider that these people would not even feel the need to “go for a ride” if smoking pot was accepted and not criminal. Can you really argue that it is more dangerous than alcohol?

Alcohol is something else entirely. I would rather people stay the hell off the road if they are going to drink much. I’m not bothered if someone is driving around with a beer in their hand. Growing up, I saw plenty of that and no one ever seemed dangerous in the least. The problem is similar to pot, but not the same as pot. People feel they can drink all they want at home. It is acceptable and not criminal. The problem is they do continue to drink even while driving regardless of the law. Most states have an open container law which criminalize drinking and driving as well as having an open container of alcohol in your vehicle.

So, you can buy alcohol and have it in your car. That makes it possible to drink and drive, but then what do you do with the containers as you drive around drinking? Throw them out the window so you don’t get caught with them – of course.


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