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Following the Case of Duncan Lemp

One of our crypto community members has been murdered by the police. Many of us know this guy and he was no threat to anyone. I just don’t know how this can be allowed to continue.

This case starts with an anonymous tip about Duncan Lemp being in possession of firearms while being prohibited of doing so because an apparent juvenile record.

RIP Duncan Lemp

The story from The Guardian.

Duncan Lemp’s website.

The Duncan Lemp Wikipedia page.

The American Conservative’s story The Mystery Deepens Over the Pre-Dawn Police Killing of Duncan Lemp.

Where are the police body cameras? When will they be available?

The shooting of Duncan Lemp has caused the Boogaloo Bois and the Anti-Lockdown Protests.

Rene Sandler, the attorney for Lemp’s family, says there is no know reasons for why Lemp couldn’t own a gun.

As of yet, the officer that shot Lemp has not been named.

Today is the first I have heard of this, and I will do my best to stay on this case to see what happens. I will update you as best I can. I’m sure you will or have already heard of this already.

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